venue : ODD CAFE, salcedo, makati – july 15th @ 1:00pM

pup talk 2023

Start counting every second until the event begins.

Five Reasons

Why You Should Join the Event


Gain motivation and practical insights to empower your business journey and achieve new heights of success.


Learn from industry experts, acquiring strategies and tips to drive your business forward and stay ahead of the competition.


Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering relationships that lead to collaborations and exciting opportunities.


Immerse yourself in a positive environment, hearing captivating stories that fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and spark fresh ideas.

Personal Growth

Develop essential skills and qualities for personal and professional growth, propelling yourself towards success in business and life.



Rina Sarmiento

Rina Sarmiento


Community and Collaborations

Zeus Grageda

Zeus Grageda


Building Bridges Between Communities

Layla Barinaga

Layla Barinaga


Entrepreneurship Knows No Age

Iya Muriel

Iya Muriel


Career Opportunities in the Pet Industry as a Student

Jesse Villamil & Let Alcobendas

Jesse Villamil & Let Alcobendas


Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges

Michelle Confesor

Michelle Confesor


Pet Fashion & Functionality

Kai Yulo

Kai Yulo

Sustainability in the Pet Industry

Mikaela Dy Tecklo

Mikaela Dy Tecklo


Canine Nutrition: Quality Food = Quality Life

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Jimbo Reverente

Innovation Coach

Jimbo Reverente is an Innovation Coach who advises clients on how to embed innovation culture as a strategic competitive advantage to grow, sustain or transform their business, for now and for the future.

He is a golfer of 40+ years, a marathoner, and a motorcyclist, and a furdad of Sparky. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Jimbo Reverente’s invaluable insights on how to build and grow a business with an exponential mindset.

Event Venue

Odd Cafe

7th floor Finman Centre Building 131 Tordesillas, cor Bautista, Salcedo Village, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila

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Event Partners

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pup talk 2023



  • 1 Signature Coffee from Odd Cafe
  • Food and Drinks from
    Deli by Chele
  • Innovation Session with
    Coach Jimbo Reverente
  • Learning Investment

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