Kott’s Pet-Safe Healing Gel

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Food-grade ingredients and 100% lick-safe!

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Natural remedy for hot spots, wounds, skin infections, rashes, sores, cuts, and scrapes. Our specialized pet healing gel effectively disinfects wounds and creates an optimum environment for ultimate healing.

Once applied on the skin infection or wound, the gel protects and soothes the irritated patch of skin, while inhibiting bacterial adhesion to your pet’s skin and coat. It also keeps the area moisturized and relieves itching.

Kott’s healing gel contains hypochlorous acid, which reduces itch and enhances healing.

The added persimmon extract acts as a skin antiseptic and also eliminates and neutralizes wound odor.


Instructions for Use:

– Gently clean the affected area and apply the gel with clean fingers, cotton wool pads or clean cotton buds

– Let gel dry naturally

– Repeat this process several times a day until conditions improve



Purified Water, Hypochlorous Acid, Persimmon Extract, Scent

*Our ingredients are all food-grade ensuring the safety of your pets.



If there is an allergic reaction, wash the area with clean water and stop using the product.

Size: 40g

Made in Taiwan

Weight .045 kg


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